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Beauty and Self Esteem – How to Have Both

Many women seem to be faced with a dilemma these days, if only they were more beautiful they would have a higher sense of self esteem and feel more confident about themselves and their looks.Recently, I have been asked the same question twice, although worded slightly differently both questions amount to the same thing.’Do you think beauty effects self esteem?’ And ‘Does beauty make you more confident?’Firstly, you must understand that this is a damaging way of thinking. Your own sense of self worth should never rely on whether you think yourself beautiful or not.Secondly, both questions have been worded the wrong way round. Now ask the same questions again but worded slightly differently.’Do you think self esteem effects beauty?’ And ‘Does confidence make you more beautiful?’ and the answer is a resounding YES!Your beauty depends on your self esteem. Your self esteem does not depend on your beauty.You are Already BeautifulThere is a paradox at the heart of personal growth. You are already beautiful and always have been. However, your beauty can be hard to find, for it is hidden deep inside you. Your inner beauty is full of innate qualities and these qualities are found in the heart of your consciousness not in the heart of your body.You will never find beauty looking outside of yourself.You cannot buy beauty or the success you think it might bring.Advertising campaigns will have you believe that beauty can be bought and painted on, or it can be tucked, lifted or sucked in or out of your body. This will not bring you a lasting sense of well being or high self esteem, it will bring just the opposite.Look at the celebrities. Those who depend on admiring glances from others to boost how they feel about themselves have the most fragile of self esteems. They are always chasing eternal youth with botox, collagen fillers or face lifts. It’s an addiction, what happens when the temporary effects wear off?This attitude is fatal as any honest person with real physical beauty will eventually tell you.True beauty comes from the process of building real self esteem. Self esteem that does not rely on what other people may think of you. This process includes self realization, self knowledge, self awareness and self respect.Spend some time discovering your own inner qualities and appreciating them. Express them freely for the benefit of others. Gradually come to know your own individual true beauty.